Integration through sports

April 28th, 2011, Brussels, Belgium  


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ITF Brussels in collaboration with the Cultural Belgo-Roumanian House (ARTHIS) organized a round table about Integration through sports. Mrs. Carmen Hopârtean coordinated the event which was held in Brussels downtown in the beautiful and trendy area of Place Saint Catherine.

In the event, Bo Sabum Alexander Walter, who has Romanian roots, was invited to talk about his experiences as member of the Belgian National Team of TKD and his participations at the last European and World Championships (where he obtained a bronze medal in Tul I Degree). Mr. Walter started the event with a short TKD demonstration.


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Sabum Virginia Dionisi, as instructor of an international school, spoke about her experience leading a multicultural group and the important role of a TKD school in the community.


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Special guests of the event were: Master Frank Vanberghen (Technical Director of the Belgian Federation of TKD ITF), Sabum Yves Pollefeit (National Coach), Bo Sabum Bob Wigman (National Coach of Special techniques and Power breaking) and Andreea Musca (member of the Belgian National Team, with Romanian roots, Junior European Champion in  2009)  

Representatives of the Romanian embassy were also present. A Romanian TV channel covered the event and they made a special program of one hour about Alex’s life and his results at the world championship.


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At the end, Alexander Walter received a diploma on behalf of the city of Baia Mare. After finishing the round table, pictures and videos of the competition and ceremony awards of the last World Championship in New Zealand where showed. A toast closed the event, where people tasted Romanian wines and snacks offered by Doris Uglar, mother of Alexander Walter.

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