New Black Belts in the club

Lokeren, 27th February 2011

ITF Brussels black belt test.JPG

Benito Martinez, Daniel Kampff and Emi Van Rijn have been promoted to 1st degree by the Belgian Dan Grading Committee.  

Benito Martinez - ITF Brussels.JPG

Benito Martinez started training Taekwon-Do in September 2005 in ITF Brussels, being one of the first students of the club. In 2009 Benito suffered a very heavy heart operation; nevertheless, two years later and giving as a great example of Perseverance (one of the Principles of Taekwon-Do) Benito obtained his black belt. Since February 2011 Benito gives TKD lessons in the dojang ITF Brussels-Ottignies, leaded by Sabum Virginia Dionisi.

Daniel Kampff - ITF Brussels.JPG

Daniel Kampff trained Taekwon-Do in Argentina during four years and a half, joining ITF Brussels in September 2006 when he was blue belt. He has been working very hard during all these years showing good techniques and always trying to improve himself, while showing willingness to help the club in all activities. 

Emi Van Rijn ITF Brussels.JPG

Emi Van Rijn, started training Taekwon-Do in Hwa Rang club, in Steenokerzeel Belgium, joining ITF Brussels recently. After her black belt test she was confirmed as a new member of the Belgian National Team. She will represent Belgium in the next European Championship in Bratislava. We believe that Emi has a bright future as a black belt competitor. 

Congratulations to all of you!


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