Kup Grading


July 2011, Ottignies and Brussels, Belgium

Nine students of ITF Brussels and Samjok-O (Ottignies) tested successfully their Kup Grading:

  • Bill            II Kup   (ITF Brussels)
  • Aurèlien    IV Kup (ITF Brussels)
  • Toby          V Kup  (ITF Brussels)
  • Kristof       IV Kup (ITF Brussels)
  • Walter       IV Kup  (ITF Brussels)
  • Nicolas    VIII Kup (ITF Brussels -World Class)
  • Alan          IX Kup  (Samjok-O)
  • Beatriz      IX Kup  (Samjok-O)
  • Leo           IX Kup  (Samjok-O)

ITF Brussels.jpg

Samjok-O Ottignies.jpg

Congratulations to all of you!

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