Two Medals for ITF Brussels at the II Holland Cup

May 29th 2011, Pijnaeker, The Netherlands    

ITF Brussels, with four competitors, wins two medals at the II Holland Cup!

ITF Brussels Emi and Sabum Virginia.jpg

Emi Van Rijn (gold in youth patterns I degree) and Faiçal Ghoul (bronze in Sparring Veterans + 70kg) were the competitors from the school who stepped on the podium.

Emi, in a very tough category, had to win four times in a row to obtain a well deserved gold medal.

ITF Brussels Faiçal.jpg

Faiçal got the 3rd place after defeating a competitor from England.

Vladimir Kim and Bill Harrison did also very well, despite their efforts in Sparring, Vladimir, (blue belt) was defeated by the European Champion in title; and Bill (also blue belt) lost his combat against a black belt from Poland.

The tournament had an outstanding level with 635 competitors coming from 11 countries!


 Daniel Kampf was the umpire from the school and Sabum Virginia the coach.

Congratulations to all of you!

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