XXI Belgian Championship

February 13th 2011, Jambes

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ITF Brussels obtained 7 medals at the 21th Belgian Junior & Senior Championships!  

We have two Belgian champions at the club: Bo Sabum Alexander Walter and Walter Clayton!

Our school was represented by a team of seven competitors (Alex, Faiçal, Benito, Bill, Cathal, Toby and Walter) obtaining the following results:   

Bo Sabum Alexander Walter   

1st place in Tul I degree                              Belgian Champion

 1st place in Power Breaking Senior Male    Belgian Champion 


Faiçal Ghoul

 2nd Place in Sparring senior male black belt -80kg

Faiçal ITF Brussels.JPG

Cathal Gibbons

 3rd place in Sparring senior male green-blue -80kg 

Cathal ITF Brussels.JPG

Toby Fox

3rd place in Sparring senior male white-green -71kg

Toby Fox ITF Brussels.JPG 

Walter Clayton

1st place in Tul Junior Yellow                     Belgian Champion

3rd place in Sparring Junior male green-blue +70kg

Walter ITF Brussels.JPG

The championship was held in Jambes, with the attendance of twelve schools from different cities of Belgium. ITF Brussels was also present with two umpires (Louis and Benito), 

Sabum Virginia received a special award from the Belgian TKD Federation for her performance at the last European Championship in Sweden, where she obtained a Silver Medal. 

Bo Sabum Alex was presented as a member of the National Team for the next World Championship in New Zealand.

Congratulations to everyone!

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