New School: ITF Brussels-Ottignies

January 29th, Ottignies, Belgium.


 Master Frank Vanberghen, Mrs. Annick Van Driessche (President of the Belgian TKD ITF Federation) and the National coaches Yves Pollefeyt, Peter Van Guch and Benny Torfs honoured the event with their presence. 


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The school ITF Brussels-Ottignies was officially opened with a demonstration in “La Maison de la Laïcite” in the city of Ottignies. The new instructor Benito Martinez will give lessons on Monday from 20h30 to 22h00 and on Saturday from 12h00 to 14h45 under the guidance of Sabum Virginia Dionisi.

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ITF Brussels-Ottignies thanks the support and help of the members of the National Team who were present (Hans, Bistra, Andreea and Alex) and also members of the clubs ITF Brussels (Louis, Gonzalo, Daniel, Bill and Cathal) and Ge-Baek (Yuri and Yentle). A special thanks to Bo Sabum Linda Tarnoki who travelled from Hungary particularly for the occasion and to the public, instructors and practitioners from other clubs in Belgium.



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 For more info in about the new school: 

Maison de la Laïcité

Salle Jacques Brel   

Rue des deux Ponts 19,  

B-1340 Ottignies  

Tel : 00 32 477 523 359



Video with some highlights of the day:

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