5th Open Brabant

January 23rd, Mierlo, The Netherlands

Cathal Gibbons and Toby Fox ITF Brussels.JPG

Toby Fox and Cathal Gibbons on the same podium!

ITF Brussels Open Brabant.JPG

Toby Fox obtained the 2nd place and Cathal Gibbons the 3rd place in Tul Senior Male VII-V Kup (Green stripe to blue stripe). 

ITF Brussels 5th Open Brabant.JPG

This year, the 5th Open Brabant hosted more than five hundred and twenty competitors from Belgium, England, Italy, Germany, Norway, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, Poland and the Netherlands. 

Our school was well represented by Alexander Walter, Bill Harrison, Cathal Gibbons and Toby Fox, all of them coached by Sabum Virginia. Daniel Kampff worked as umpire. 

Bill Harrison obtained the 4th place in Tul Senior Male IV-I Kup (Blue to black stripe) and Toby Fox the 4th place in Senior Sparring Class B. (White to blue stripe). 


Congratulations to all of you! You did very well! 

A bitter experience 

Alexander Walter, for the second year in a row, had some incredible problems with his results. Despite winning 3 / 2 his first degree pattern, and being proclaimed as the official winner, could not continue the competition due to the arbitrary decision of the jury president, who, after discussions with the coach of the other competitor decided that Alex lost... and adjudged on papers the victory to the Italian competitor without communicating the reason to Alex neither to his coach (an consequently, without the possibility to make a protest and rectify the behaviour of the jury president)  

3 for ITF Brussels.JPG


We recorded  Alex’ performance and his victory, you can see it here! Enjoy it!