European Open Taekwon-Do Cup

21st-24th October 2010, Bratislava, Slovakia


ITF Brussels was present with one competitor at the Open European Cup in Bratislava where they were nearly 800 competitors from 41 countries. Alexander Walter represented the school as a member of the Belgian team. Sabum Virginia and Bo Sabum Gonzalo were also there to support the team and coaching Alex and other members of the team.



Alex competed in the category 18-35 years in:

Patterns (I Degree) where he won two rounds and lost in the third one; finishing between the last 16 out of 54 competitors.




Sparring (-80 Kg) where after a draw, he was defeated. Besides the result, he showed great techniques in his preparation for the next World Championship in New Zealand:

ITF Brussels - Alex -23.10.2010.jpg


Male Team Sparring (18-35 years), together with Patrick Crevecoeur and Erik Van Hoek. Due to the ITF rules the teams composed by only three people started the competition with two defeats, as it was the case of the Belgian team. Patrick was the first one entering into the ring and did a fantastic fight. Three seconds before the time ends, Patrick performed a perfect bandae dollyo chagui and knocked the other competitor out. Consequently, he was disqualified (as per the ITF rules). Spectators and referees felt really sorry for Patrick, as the kick was perfect, and there were neither excess of contact nor bad intention from him.




Sabum Virginia coached the two male sparring teams.


The Belgian team did very well, obtaining the following results:


- Male team 35-46 years black belts (Yves Pollefeit, Peter Van Gucht, Pascal Raeijmaekers): gold team sparring

- Cédric Cools : gold tul & gold sparring

- Alison Tobback : gold sparring

- Ilona Bruls : silver sparring

- Dylan De Coninck : bronze tul

- Emi Van Rijn : bronze tul

- Kate Tobback : bronze sparring

- Anthony Raeijmaekers : bronze sparring


ITF Brussels congratulates the Belgian team for its performance in such a big championship!


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