Training in Budapest

16th-20th October 2010, Budapest, Hungary


Sabum Virginia and Bo Sabum Gonzalo travelled to the beautiful city of Budapest to visit and train with Sabum Csaba Békássy and Bo Sabum Linda Tarnoki.



Bo Sabum Linda trained at ITF Brussels during six months when she was living in Brussels for professional reasons. Sabum Csaba trained at the school several times when he was on business trips. 



Sabum Virginia and Bo Sabum Gonzalo had the opportunity to visit the Sasok Sportcentrum during the team tul trainee for the European Cup. Sabum Virginia attended a trainee conducted by Sabum Csaba Békássy and Sabum Gábor Szalay on Tuesday 19, where they trained patterns and sparring techniques.

P1010455 - Copy.JPG



It was a wonderful experience for the instructors of ITF Brussels as they shared a lot of social activities with the members of Sasok Sportcentrum, like visiting the Buda hills, sightseeing in the historical centre of Budapest, sharing dinners and lunches. Now, both clubs are looking forward to organizing other TKD activities together for next year.




 Sabum Virginia and Bo Sabum Gonzalo really thank Sasok and its members for its great hospitality!



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