Delft International Open

18th April 2010, The Hague, Netherlands.  

Virginia Dionisi Delft Open

ITF Brussels competed with five competitors at the Delft International Open, obtaining the following results:
• Sabum Virginia 1st Place (Patterns IV-VI Degree Male/Female category)
• Daniel  3er Place             (Patterns Blue/Red)
• Cathal  3er Place             (Patterns Yellow/Green)

The complete team was Sabum Virginia, Daniel, Bill, Vladimir and Cathal (competitors) Benito (umpire), Gonzalo (coach), Florencia, Mariana and Agustin (supporters) 

Virginia Dionisi & Gonzalo Escribano Delft International Taekwon-Do Open 2010

Sabum Virginia performing Moon Moo Tul

Daniel Kampff Virginia Dionisi & Cathal Gibbons

Daniel Kampff - Sabum Virginia Dionisi - Cathal Gibbons

Benito Martinez Umpire

Benito Martinez - Umpiring

After finishing the competition, all the school members went to the city of The Hague to spend the afternoon walking by the sea and doing some sightseeing


ITF Brussels in The Hague (2)

ITF Brussels by the sea

ITF Brussels

Taekwon-Do friendship

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