4th Open Brabant

February 7th, Heeze, The Netherlands,


Toby Fox obtained the first place in Tul VIII-VII Kup and the 4th place in Senior Sparring Class B. (White belt to blue stripe) at the 4th Open Brabant.

Benito  Alex   Bill

It was a great day for our school that was represented by four competitors (Alexander Walter, Benito Martinez, Bill Harrison and Toby Fox), one umpire (Daniel Kampff), one coach (Gonzalo) and three supporters (Louis, Vladimir and Cathal)

Toby (2)

Congratulations to you guys! You did really well. The tournament had a very high level with more than five hundred competitors representing fifty two clubs from eleven countries: Belgium, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Suisse, Portugal, Ireland, England and Norway.



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