Sabum Virginia Dionisi World Champion !

26/29 November 2009, Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Sabum Virginia Dionisi is the new World Champion in Female Tul IV-VI degree !

and also bronze medal in Female Sparring -52 kg.

After winning gold and bronze medal, Sabum Virginia tied for Best Overall Senior Female with Carolina Dillen from New Zealand and Ekaterina Kozlachkova from Russia. Following the tournament rules, when two or more competitors ended in a tie, the recognition is not awarded.


Gold Medal in Female Pattern IV-VI Degree


Bronze Medal in Female Sparring -52kg

Everything started on November 20th 2009 when 10 people from ITF Belgium took an early plane to Madrid and then to Buenos Aires. The small delegation was composed by five competitors (Virginia Dionisi, Bistra Dencheva, Hans Rombaut, Peter Van Gucht and Andreea Musca), two coaches (Peter Van Gucht and Gonzalo Escribano), two umpires (Annick Van Driessche and Master Frank Vanberghen) and two supporters (Ibrahim Cellik and Jollien Bogaert) Since the beginning the team was very close and with a lot of expectations.


2 10

After a long trip we arrived to Buenos Aires very late in the evening, we went to the hotel and we tried to manage the jet lag. Fortunately we arrived one week before the Championship started. 


November 21st

As the hotel was very well located, we walked around the city center of Buenos Aires for a couple of hours having our first well know Argentinean beef. In the afternoon, we visited the dojang of Sabum Daniel Cúneo where we had the opportunity to share a nice trainee while making new friends.On November 22nd we made a big tour around Buenos Aires visiting the most important neighborhoods. 

On November 23er some members of the team went to Uruguay and others stayed in Buenos Aires visiting other parts of the city and attending another trainee at Sabum Daniel Cúneo’s dojang.


On November 24th we went to Mar del Plata, a trip which normally last five hours, it took us more than eight... so, as soon as we arrived to the hotel we went to a gym where we started moving (kicking, punching, stretching and doing some patterns). The competition was very near…

In the morning of November 25th it was the weigh-in; this was a special moment where we met TKD friends from others countries. The atmosphere was really friendly and everyone was looking forward to competing after months of trainee. 


At midday, we rented a gym where we trained for one hour; the stress of the competition was present. In the afternoon we went to the Islas Malvinas Stadium to train for the last time before the B-Day. The Stadium was incredible nice decorated and ready to welcome the most important Taekwon-Do Championship.


November 26th The big day for our Sabum Virginia. More than 750 competitors from 44 countries were present. The tribunes were crowed of public and competitors and after one hour of warming-up Sabum was ready to compete; however, her category was moved to the afternoon.


After the break, her time arrived and she defeated Colombia, Argentina, Scotland and Canada becoming the new World Champion in her category !


Thanks José for the video!

November 27th. Another good day for the Belgian team. Hans Rombaut and Bistra Dencheva obtained a bronze medal in Pre-arranged free sparring.


and Sabum Virginia, after skipping the first round, defeat Finland in Female Sparring -52 kg. The category was postponed due to Medals Awarding and the Open Ceremony.


November 28th Our Sabum opened her ring defeating Russia in quarter finals and finished her great path in this championship being defeated by Scotland in semi-finals.

Deserved holidays were waiting for us.


We visited Iguazu, in the North of Argentina

DSC00621 - Copy

and Posadas,


where the Belgian team was received by the major of the city


the press

Posadas 086

and shared a lot of activities and friendship with the Misiones Taekwon-Do Federation.


AIT Posadas Misiones



ITF Brussels (2)

Congratulations to the Belgian Team!

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