44th International Instructors Course

ITF Brussels participated at the 44th International Instructor Course in Miesbach (Bavaria), Germany, on the weekend of 22nd-24th May 2009.  


Sabum Virginia, Bo Sabum Alexander Walter and Daniel Kampf attended the course with others 195 participants from 25 countries. 


The Technical Committee (Grand Master Pablo Trajtenberg, Grand Master Hector Marano & Master Wim Bos)  ran the course during 3 days in a very professional way.



Beside ITF Brussels, eight other people from ITF-Belgium participated at the course : Master Frank Vanberghen, Annick Van Driessche, Eddy Van Damme, Emmanuel Fantacci, Pascal Raeijmaekers, Bob Wigman, Erika Knihti and Alain Mandiki.



All participants were involved in different items at any time, the atmosphere was great and everyone enjoyed the course very much!


DSC08007                                                      ITF Brussels with Christa Wintzer

Attending to the IIC was an opportunity to enjoy the Bavarian culture, specially at the “Bavarian Evening”, where the traditional food and music were present. Another good moment of the week-end was visiting Munich under the guidance of Stephanie, one of our former students who is actually living the Capital of Bavaria.

We congratulate the organizer Mr. Adalbert Wagner for the excellent organization of the course.








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