19th Belgian Junior & Senior Championships

15th March 2009, Namur Belgium.

ITF Brussels obtained 17 medals at the 19th Belgian Junior & Senior Championships !


·         Sabum Virginia   1st place tul III-IV degree, 2nd place power breaking,
·         Bo Sabum Alex   2nd place power breaking, 3rd place tul I degree, 3th place sparring black belt -71 kg
·         Daniel     3rd place power breaking, 3rd place tul I-II Kup
·         Gonzalo  1st place power breaking, 3rd place tul III-IV Kup
·         Julian      2nd place tul, 3th power breaking, 3rd place sparring junior
·         Nico        1st place tul VIII-VII Kup, 2nd place sparring +80 kg
·         Aurélien   3rd  place Tul VIII-VII Kup
·         Walter     3rd  place sparring junior
·         ITF Brussels Team (Virginia and Alex) 3rd place in Pre Arranged Free Sparring

017 - Copy

036 - Copy 

063 - Copy    Nico

ITF Brussels was represented by a team of ten people and the most exciting moment for the school was the competition of power breaking, where Gonzalo, Alex and Daniel obtained the first three places!

Louis worked as umpire the whole day and Benito half a day as he also competed in tul and power breaking. Our umpires received a diploma for their work.

We enjoyed the competition and we thank the special support of: parents, wives, students and friends who were in the sport hall Tabora supporting our school.


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