Day of Taekwon-Do

February 21st, Sint Niklaas

Louis, Alex, Daniel, Benito, Cathal and Miriam represented ITF Brussels in the “Day of Taekwon-Do”. The venue, organized by the Belgian TKD Federation, was held in Sint Niklaas, on February 21st.


Our students had the opportunity to improve their knowledge about several aspects of Taekwon-Do ITF. The program included warming-up & stretching, fundamental movements & patterns, sparring, step-sparring, pre-arranged free sparring, power-breaking, special techniques, self-defense and cooling-down.

Sabum Virginia, between other instructors, explained some fundamental movements, the principles of power-breaking and the purpose of a pre-arranged free sparring.

In a friendly atmosphere our club took pleasure in meting more than 100 Taekwon-Do practitioners from different Belgian cities.

Congratulations to the organizers!!

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