Taekwon-Do exhibitions

September 2008

Sabum Virginia was invited to participate in two different Taewon-Do demonstrations.  

On August 31st 2008, the school HWA RANG - K Team leaded by Bo Sabum Marc Gallo organized an exhibition in the framework of Sporza Music. The exhibition was held in the Sportimonium of  Bloso in Hofstade Belgium.  


In a sunny day and very near to the beach they performed some patterns and fighting techniques.



Bo Sabum Marc Gallo, Bo Sabum Pascal Raijmaekers, Sabum Virginia Dionisi and some students from the schools of Hwa Rang and Hwa Rang K Team.


On September 6th 2008, the school Choong-Moo leaded by Sabum Emmanuel Fantacci participated in an exhibition organized by the city of Namur in the framework of the "1er Festival des Arts Martiaux". In only five minutes the performed a large number of TKD techniques (pre-arranged free sparring, breakings, sparring and patterns).  



Sabum Virginia performing one pattern


Patrick Crevecourer and Kristopher Baugniet


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