The XIV Junior and XXIII Senior European Taekwon-Do Championships in Wroclaw, Poland

16-18 May 2008, Wroclaw Poland. 

Sabum Virginia Dionisi won a Gold Medal in Female Senior Patterns IV - VI degree at the European Championship in Wroclaw, Poland. 


Picture 389

The XIV Junior and XXIII Senior European Taekwon-Do Championships were the 2nd biggest tournament ever, with nearly 500 competitors from 31 countries.  


This year and due to a lot of injuries, the Belgian team was smaller than former years. Nevertheless Youssef Ahidar, Bistra Dencheva, Wim Vermeir,  Steven Satyn, Julien Walraedt, Patrick Crevecoeur and Sabum Virginia Dionisi represented Belgium in a very high level.

Picture 394

The Belgian Team with coaches, umpires and supporters

On Saturday evening Sabum Virginia had an injury while doing power breaking and for this reason she couldn't participate at the pre-arranged free sparring. Nevertheless:

Picture 407

She can't get enough...

Congratulations to the Belgian Team and keep training hard for the next European Championship in Benidorm Spain. 



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