18th Belgian Championship

Izegem, Belgium, 16th March 2008.

ITF Brussels attended the 18th Belgian Taekwon-Do Championships for juniors and seniors. The event was organized by "Impact School" in the "Sporthal De Krekel" in Izegem.


Nine schools and more than eighty competitors participated in tul, teamtul, sparring, power breaking, special techniques and pre-arranged free sparring.

Sabum Virginia, Bo Sabum Louis, Gonzalo, Benito, Charlotte, Jody, Xavier and Aurélien represented the school, obtaining very good results:

Sabum Virginia Dionisi, 1st place in Tul III-IV Degree, 1st place in Power Senior Female 2nd place in Female Sparring -58 kg

Bo Sabum Louis Lamoureux, 2nd place in Male Sparring -63 kg and 3rd place in Tul I Degree

Gonzalo Escribano, 1st place in Male Sparring IV-IV Kup -80 kg.

Jody Braibant, 3rd place in Tul Senior White and 3rd place in Male Sparring X - VIII Kup + 80 kg

Aurélien Lebourg, 3rd place in Tul Senior White and 3rd place in Male Sparring X - V Kup - 63 kg

Xavier Rossey, 3rd place in Male Sparring X-VIII - Kup -80 kg

ITF Brussels White, 2nd place in Team Tul (Xavier Rossey, Jody Braibant and Aurélien Lebourg)

ITF Brussels Green, 3rd place in Team Tul (Charlotte Dubreuil, Benito Martinez and Gonzalo Escribano)

Sabum Virginia Dionisi

Bo Sabum Louis Lamoureux

ITF Brussels White


ITF Brussels Green

Gonzalo Escribano  

Jody Braibant

7  Xavier Rossey

Aurélien Lebourg

Gonzalo doing power breaking outside competition


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