Waasland Cup 2007

 Sint-Niklaas; 1st December

Three students from ITF Brussels (Benito, Gonzalo and Daniel) and Sabum Virginia participated in the Waasland Cup 2007 in Sint-Niklaas; Belgium.


160 competitors from Belgium and The Netherlands attended this special championship, organized by Koryo TKD School in collaboration with ITF-Flanders and ITF-Belgium.

The Waasland Cup had a very special purpose: fundraising money for Eric Van Puyvelde paralysed after a heavy accident. Eric is the brother of Peter Van Puyvelde, member of ITF-Belgium and the National Team.


Benito working as an umpire


Sabum Virginia performing a pattern

ITF Brussels had very good results:

 Virginia Dionisi                      1st place Tul III & IV& V degree Senior

Gonzalo                                    1st place Tul Coulored Belts Senior Green

Benito Martinez                      3rd place Tul Coulored Belts Senior Green

Daniel Kampff                         3rd place Tul Coulored Belts Senior Blue

                                                   3rd place Sparring Coloured Belts Sen.Male HG-71 kg


but, the best achievement was made by the organizers, referees, coaches, participants and supporters who made this championship a success for the TKD spirit.


Stefaan De Ridder, instructor of Koryo TKD School, giving the cheque to Eric.

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