XV World Championship Taekwon-do ITF in Québec Canada

Québec, Canada. May 31st-June 3rd.

ITF Brussels in Québec City

Sabum Virginia Dionisi, as a member of the Belgian National Team, and Gonzalo Escribano as a supporter, attended the biggest TKD event in the world.


This time, Belgium was represented by only three competitors, Sabum Virginia, Bistra Dencheva and Patrick Crevecoeur, two umpires Master Vanberghen and Sabum Annick Van Driessche and one supporter, Gonzalo Escribano.






All along the four days of the championship, there was an incredible atmosphere which we could describe as cheering, lively and certainly contagious.


Regardless of being a very small team, Bistra Dencheva gained a Bronze Medal in sparring female -58 kg and Sabum Annick Van Driessche has been elected as the best umpire. Congratulations to you both!


Picture 419 Picture 423
Two former argentinean students of Sabum Virginia were on the podium. Patricia Romero 3st place in Junior Female Tul First degree and 3st place in Junior Female Team Tul. And Alejandro Romero, 2nd place in Junior Male Sparring -80 and World Champion in Junior Male Team Sparring.
Patricia and Alejandro train with Sabum Marcelo Dionisi (brother of Sabum Virginia) at the Instituto Dionisi in Posadas Argentina.Congratulations!!

Picture 449

One special moment for Sabum Virginia: 


Meeting, after a long time, Master Javier Dacak (her former Master) and Master Héctor Marano.

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