First anniversary of ITF Brussels

December 2006

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The first year of ITF Brussels has already gone and we are very happy after achieving a lot of things.  


Most of the students have passed their exams and others participated in championships obtaining very good results. However, the most important thing we have achieved is to have a very nice and friendly group of Taekwon-do practitioners leaded by Sabum Virginia.


In ITF Brussels the new ones are always welcomed and the evolution of the students is stimulated and stimulating for everyone.


In order to celebrate the first anniversary we made a party with our students and their families. It was a good opportunity to chat and share a nice moment telling and listening different stories from different countries, like our students.


In this New Year we have a lot of plans and objectives and for sure we will do our best to reach them with your help.


To our students: Many thanks


ITF Brussels

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