II World Cup in Spain

Silver Medal for Sabum Virginia Dionisi at the World Cup !!

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The Second World Cup, organized by the ITF and the Spanish TKD Federation, was held in the Palau d'Esports L'Illa in Benidorm, Alicante, Spain from the 26th to 29th October 2006.




The ITF Belgian Team was composed by nine competitors:

Virginia Dionisi, ITF Brussels / Hwa Rang Club Steenokkerzeel

Pascal Raeijmaekers, Hwa Rang Club Steenokkerzeel

Wim Vermeir, Ge-Baek Lokeren

Cindy Verstraeten, Hwa Rang Club Steenokkerzeel

Erik Van Hoeck, Taekwondo Club Germinal Namur / Choong-moo Namur

Gaëlla Hoeterickx, Hwa Rang Club Steenokkerzeel

Brecht De Koninck, Hwa Rang Club Steenokkerzeel

and Julien Walraedt, Choong-moo Namur


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The World Cup is an open competition held every two years in the even-numbered years and it is open to blue, red and black belts. Any club, school, individual or country may participate with as many individual and/or team members in the same division and or category

The II World Cup in Spain was a huge and successful competition. More than 800 competitors from 47 countries attended the event and the Belgian Team won three medals :

- Virginia Dionisi : silver tul female 18-35 years IV°degree
- Gaëlla Hoeterickx : bronze tul female 12-14 years blue-red belts
- Julien Walraedt : bronze sparring male 18-35 years blue-red belts -63kg

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Congratulations to the Belgian Team !!!

and from now on we are looking forward to attending the III World Cup in Cabo Frio Brazil in 2008.

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