Day of Taekwon-do

- October 15th
Nine students from ITF-Brussels attended the "Day of Taekwon-do" in Steenokkerzeel.

Picture 380

The event, organised by ITF Belgium, was a success.

Dag van TKD 163[1]

More than 100 Taekwon-do practitioners from different Belgian Schools participated at the Seminar conducted by Master Frank Vanberghen, Annick Van Diressche, Eddy Van Damme, Virginia Dionisi, Emmanuel Fantacci, Pascal Raeijmaekers, Patrick Crevecouer and Benny Torfs.

Dag van TKD 167[1]

Everything was in: Warming-up, stretching, patterns, step-sparring, sparring, special techniques, pre-arranged sparring, hosinsul, exhibitions and some theory about the Do in Taekwon-do.

Picture 385

Dyana and Nico

Dag van TKD 137[1] Picture 378

Sabum Virginia Dionisi and Bo Sabum Cindy Verstraeten did a special exhibition of pre-arranged sparring, before their participation in the World Cup in this discipline.  

Picture 394

The friendly atmosphere allowed everybody to meet people from different clubs but with the same love for TKD. 

Picture 381

Many thanks Louis, Daniel, Benito, Anita, Gonzalo, Nico, Dyana, Edward and Renaud for representing our club in such special day !!



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