Teambuilding Week-end


8/9/10 September 2006

Sabum Virginia Dionisi, from ITF Brussels, participated in the Second teambuilding weekend in Spa Belgium. This time, the event was particularly different because was open to all members of ITF Belgium from blue belt.

The organiser Patrick Crevecoeur, was well assisted by his friend Gilles. Both of them had been working very hard in order to set up an unforgettable week end. And they achieved it. Everything was in: team games, food, tents, campfire, swimming, TKD, football and a lot of others activities. The opportunity to talk with another members and aspirants to become members of the National Team was very well appreciated for everybody. The weekend finished in the well-known Thermes of Spa.



                                              To see more pictures, click on this photo


Many thanks Patrick and Gilles for all thinks you have done.


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