Toast for the end of the year

-30th June 2006:

The first year of ITF Brussels has already gone and we are very proud of it. Lessons have been giving in English, French and Spanish for students from Belgium, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Canada, Cuba and Argentina.

We have been able to practice Taekwon-do while making friends from different countries and as TKD practitioners we have put our little to build a more peaceful world. We are proud of practicing our martial art with respect for the others, with courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.  

We have to thanks Master Vanberghen, Sabum Annick Van Driessche and Bo Sabum Pascal Raeijmaekers for all their support and advices.

Of course, we have to thanks to our students Christine, Louis, Rachel, Joshua, Isabel, Dany, Nathalie, Anita, Benito, Charlotte, Gonzalo, Nico, Christophe, Renaud and Dyana. You are the most important part of ITF Brussels and your hard work and your aptitude for improvement have been very important for us

To all of you: many thanks.


María Virginia Dionisi

ITF Brussels


Toast for the end of the year at Christine, Joshua and Rachel’s house. Thank you very much and good luck in London! 


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