TKD friends’ weddings

- July / August 2006
- Two of our TKD friend's got married during these holidays. On 8th July 2006 Erika Knihti (I degree, bronze medal in power breaking at the World Championship in Germany 2005) got married to Davy Van Driessche in Tampere, Finland. Erika's friends gave us a special TKD exhibition. We enjoyed a lot the party, the exhibition; the saunas and of course such a beautiful country.


-On 5th August 2006 Sabum Emmanuel Fantacci (IV degree and Belgian National Coach) got married to Laetitia Gailly in Flawinne, Belgium. They choose a beautiful place in the middle of Belgium to celebrate it. During the party, Patrick Crevecoeur did an incredible TKD dance demonstration which was appreciated for everybody.


We wish to all of them (Erika, David, Emmanuel and Laetitia) a happy and a long life!




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